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Can you join with us to create an inclusive world? One in which all LGBTQ families with children are safe, out, and proud, thriving as valued participants in our schools, institutions, and communities?


With our Give OUT funds, we’re looking to support a field organizer who can strengthen our response to the intense challenges facing us under the Trump Administration. Our children can’t afford us to lose one inch of ground we’ve gained.


For over twenty years, Our Family Coalition has worked with and for LGBTQ families and friends, bringing the unique and progressive voice of families to the LGBTQ justice movement.  We work directly with families, teachers, administrators, and child-serving professionals to create more welcoming schools and agencies. We provide training to ensure that curricula, policies, and services are inclusive and respectful of LGBTQ experiences.

We host multiple opportunities for LGBTQ families to build community every month, with peer support groups, playgroups, parent education workshops, social outings, celebrations, and festivals. This community helps strengthen social networks for LGBTQ parents and their kids, allowing the children to see their families reflected in others around them as their parents and caregivers receive critical support in a safe, informed, understanding community.


Our Family Coalition staff advocate for family justice, whether that’s in classroom curriculum, school policy, or state law.


"There are places where you can be queer, there are places where you can be family, but this is the place where you can be a queer family." ~ parent participant

Help us keep our families’ voices strong and heard. Our work is about families. Our work is about justice. Our work is about the future.

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