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El/La Para TransLatinas

$3,429.00 contributions
115 donors

Raised: $3429Remaining: $3571

El/La fights for the rights of transgender Latinas (translatinas). We work to build a world where translatinas feel they deserve to protect, love and develop themselves. By building this base, they support translatinas in protecting themselves against violence, abuse, and illness, and in fully realizing their dreams. El/La is an organization for translatinas that builds collective vision and action to promote their survival and improve their quality of life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their scope of work includes: (1) HIV Prevention – outreach, education, testing, peer-to-peer counseling, accompaniment, and referrals and accompaniment; (2) Violence Prevention – case management, referrals and accompaniment, and Luchadoras Leadership Development and Translatina Council/Consejo Translatina; and (3) Community Strengthening through Safe Space  – evening drop-in, family-style celebrations, art, culture, social networking, expression of spirituality, and life skills groups.
As a result of these programs they in turn go out and educate community members about risks to their health and safety, support each other in identifying barriers to full participation in society, and find resources to overcome those barriers. El/La builds visibility and alliances to respond to transphobic attacks and has worked with over 105 city agencies, service providers, programs and collaboratives in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area and beyond. Their work strengthens translatinas’ ability to critique and respond to the systems of violence they face and to stay resilient and thriving.

Community Building through Safe Space
- Evening Drop-In Space (Tuesday through Friday 5-9pm)
- Kitchen/Food
- Family-Style Celebrations
- Altar and Spirituality
- Peer Social Networking
- Participant Internship (paid)
- Events and Social Participation
- Translatina Participant Retreat
- Artistic and Cultural Expression
- Life Issues and Skills Groups
- Public Visibility Events
- Coalition Building and Advocacy on Transgender and Immigration Issues by Staff and Translatina Participants
Violence Prevention
- Case Management & Linkage
- Accompaniment and Direct Advocacy
- Educational Groups
- Luchadoras Leadership Development Program (paid)
- Consejo Translatina (Translatina Council - paid)
- Professional Development Fellowship (paid)
- Workshop Facilitation by Translatina Participants (paid)
- Public Visibility Events
HIV Prevention
- Accompaniment and Direct Advocacy
- HIV Testing
- Educational Groups
- Peer-to- Peer Counseling
- Onsite Testing
- Street Outreach
- Public Visibility Events

John M donated $10.00
Marcia O donated $25.00
John M donated $10.00
Marcia O donated $25.00
Kathleen E donated $50.00
Zahra B donated $15.00

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Updates and Donors' Comments


I love you cousin, keep on doing great work . <3


¬°In Tlaneztia in Tonatiuh! Que su Sol siempre sea Brillante! - Neza & Joaquin =)


I LOVE El/La ;*


Adelante, mujeres poderosas!