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Give OUT Day 2018:



National Equality Action Team (NEAT)

$7,077.00 contributions
258 donors

Raised: $7077Remaining: $423

The National Equality Action Team (NEAT) is the home for harnessing and building the unique power of everyday people and partners anywhere, to make extraordinary change together, for LGBTQ+ Justice everywhere. We do this through intersectional, grassroots, collective action and education.

NEAT believes that LGBTQ+ people deserve full equality and justice - nothing less. Since 2012, our work has created and amplified powerful, collective education and advocacy across issues and from the ground up. Our programs empower anyone, anywhere, to combine their individual actions with thousands of others into the tidal wave we need to create the change we deserve. Through NEAT, thousands of people and community organizations are calling from home, knocking on doors, receiving training and sharing what they know without the limitations of resources or physical location. And with your help, we're just getting started!

by Anonymous donated $50.00
by Anonymous donated $10.00
by Anonymous donated $10.00
Zachery S donated $35.00
John B donated $100.00
Whitney W donated $20.00

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Love you Brian!


Honoring Brian Silva


Once more for the cause!


From Mark Black and Glen Leiner in honor of Brian Silva's dedication to NEAT.