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Today is Give Out Day - the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ+ community! Please read this long message!

As many of you now, I work for OutRight Action International - an organization focusing on queer human rights internationally, and I appeal to you to make a small donation today. It's a pretty rad organization and one of the few that focus on LGBTQ+ human rights globally. We work in countries around the world and are the only exclusively queer NGO at the United Nations. Working here has been a wonderful constant state of learning not only about the spectrum of queer identities but how those the people who hold those identities rights intersect and clash with religions, culture, policy, politics, class, local and regional legal bodies and access to other rights and what affect all that is having on real people around the world.

I have had the great privilege of meeting (and working with) the most incredible activists from all parts of the world - hearing their stories and their struggle, understanding their strategies, deeply admiring their resolve, discovering my great privileges and working to support their struggles on their terms.

Some highlights on OutRight's work this year:

- OutRight researched and published a report on the state of LGBTIQ organizing globally, polling 1,200 organizations globally. Believe it or not, no other research like this has been done before, and this is a powerful tool for LGBT advocates.

- OutRight conducts safety and security training and media trainings around the world, and our annual program (Advocacy Week) which brings 40ish activists to NYC for a week for meetings with UN states and agencies is getting more and more applicants every year.

- OutRight fought for (and won!) an inclusive definition of gender in a new international treaty on crimes against humanity.

- OutRight's expertise has been repeatedly honored. Our staff serve on the boards of expert bodies (UNWomen LGBTI Reference Group), the regional trans organization in the Caribbean (UCTRANS), the southeast Asian regional LGBTIQ organization (ASEAN SOGIE Caucus), and the private sector's prestigious LGBTIQ project (from the World Economic Forum).

- OutRight made $350K in grants to grassroots organizations in 16 countries, including Russia after the latest round of violence in Chechnya and Taiwan in their equal marriage fight.

- OutRight's analysis is in the news, shaping what people know and how they make sense of the world around them. Just yesterday, The Guardian and Reuters asked us for interviews.

That's just some of our work. If you are passionate about queer causes globally, please consider making a small donation. Any donation is appreciated.

Thank you! 

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