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I'm asking you to join me in supporting OutRight in its work around the world to change the lives of LGBTIQ people everywhere. 
You probably heard me say this before, but it really has become even more urgent over the last year. It has been a year since the news about “concentration camps” in Chechnya broke, the arrests only stopped after massive international attention. Since there has been mass arrests in Indonesia, Egypt, Tanzania and more. OutRight’s focus on human rights for LGBTIQ people everywhere is crucial. 
I serve on the board of directors of OutRight and have seen the work first hand - whether it is supporting a health clinic in Tanzania after other clinics turned LGBTIQ people away, training Arabic media on how to report objectively on LGBTIQ issues (over 150 journalists applied for 20 spots in our upcoming training!), or taking on the US administration after they appointed an anti-trans activist to their official delegation to a United Nations meeting in March  - OutRight Action International is in a unique position to push for global change. 
We know that the current Administration is a threat to rights in the US but we must not ignore the violence, persecution and killings that we see in many other parts of the world. OutRight fights to secure basic human rights for people who face arrests, abuse or even death for who they love and who they are.
These changes take time and an enduring effort - that's why I am asking you today to join in the fight.
Three OutRight supporters have promised to collectively match every dollar we fundraise during Give OUT Day, up to $20,000! Every dollar you can give is immediately doubled. 

Elliot V donated $250.00

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Keola, thank you so much for all your work on behalf of OutRight!