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allgo, a queer people of color organization

$851.00 contributions
22 donors

Raised: $851Remaining: $2349

allgo celebrates and nurtures vibrant queer people of color communities in Texas and beyond. We do this through cultural arts, wellness, and social justice programming by: supporting artists and artistic expression within our diverse communities; promoting health within a wellness model; and mobilizing and building coalitions among groups marginalized by race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation/sexual identity in order to enact change.

allgo’s cultural arts program nurtures, explores, and promotes queer people of color aesthetics. We are committed to providing spaces for us to create, to tell our own stories through artistic expression, to unleash the power of art as activism.

For over a decade, we have been developing cutting-edge programs that engage community members on pressing issues through the arts. We provide the space and resources — and audiences — for diverse artists from all genres of visual and performing arts to develop their art. In conjunction, we offer opportunities for community members to participate in and experience art that reflects our experiences and illuminates our struggles and resilience.

The core of our cultural arts program is our showcase Artist-in-Residence program. As part of every cultural arts season, we present workshops, performances and/or exhibits, and dialogues with our Artist-in-Residence.

We invite you to come experience the joy and empowerment of co-creation and the embrace of our supportive community of artists, performers, and general allgo members.

Former Artist in residene include, Adelina AnthonySharon BridgforthD’ Lo, Dino Foxx, Virginia GriseLorenzo Herrera y Lozano, Floyd Johnson, Dr. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Annelize Machado, Nappy Grooves, Q Ragsdale, Seyi Adebanjo, Karen F. Sanders, The late Ana Sisnett, Tim’m West, Marvin K. White, Ni’Ja WhitsonShay Youngblood, Dora Santana, Tonya Lyles, Krudas Cubensi, Rose Twofeathers, Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Wallace and Alexis DeVeaux and many more.

Andrea B donated $15.00
Andrea B donated $15.00
Andrea B donated $15.00
by Anonymous donated $32.00
Alexis D donated $100.00
Tameika H donated $10.00

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Praise you and the work you do


Go allgo!!!!!