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The Audre Lorde Project Inc.

$1,745.00 contributions
44 donors

Raised: $1745Remaining: $8255

 “I am my best work,” wrote Black feminist poet and warrior Audre Lorde, “a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines.”
For 21 years, the Audre Lorde Project has been developing and lifting up the revolutionary leadership, power, and wisdom of our community. As one of the few LGBTQ organizations in the country that is for and by people of color, we have been our best work for over two decades.
Your gift will ensure that together, we will keep struggling on the frontlines of racial and economic justice, as we also center wellness and safety strategies as integral practices to our collective survival and liberation. It will ensure that we can continue to be our best work. Thank you!

Safe OUTside the System Collective

SOS Members after direct action/banner drop at Brooklyn Museum's Target First Free Saturday event.
SOS members discussing campaign goals during a February Program, Revolutionary Bae: A Platonic Speed Dating Event.

The SOS Collective is an anti-violence program challenging hate and police violence through community-based strategies that doesn’t rely upon police. For over a decade, the program has worked to transform Central Brooklyn. Every year, the collective organizes BedStuy Pride to honor LGBTSTGNC people living in Central Brooklyn, community freestyles, and political education meetings to aid their work of building stronger community relationships. They are currently walking out their Safe Neighborhood Campaign, which seeks to empower community members to prevent violence before it starts, intervene while violence is happening, and to build stronger relationships among their neighbors, families, housemates, friends, intimate partners, cultural workers, small businesses, and community organizations. Through a series of trainings and workshops, the collective is mapping safe spaces and zones for members through Brooklyn to indentify when in danger.

TransJustice Program

TransJustice members preparing to take off for annual Trans Day of Action in Washington Square Park.
TransJustice members Ms. Terri and Sadaya welcoming crowd to Trans Day of Remembrance.

TransJustice mobilizes Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people of color and our allies to take action on the pressing political issues we face. It was one of the first organizations in the country to truly prioritize trans organizing and leadership. Each year, TJ organizes Trans Day of Action (TDOA)  -- one of the largest trans led rallies and actions in New York City -- and Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) events in addition to their political organizing. They are currently preparing to launch a housing campaign addressing the housing crisis from Trans and Gender Non Conforming People living in New York City. Also, TJ assisted in organizing a series of forums held in each of the five boroughs of New York City in collaboration with TGNC New Yokers and other community organizations including the Anti Violence Project, GMHC, Make the Road New York, Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the LGBT Community Center, and the TransLatina Network. “Solutions Out of Struggle and Survival”, a policy breif summarizing critical solutions identified by the TGNC community as recommendations to improve the livelihood of TGNC New Yorkers, was born from it. The brief, co-authored by Nico Fonseca, TJ Program Coordinator, is available for download in English and Spanish.

3rd Space Support Program

3rd Space Support member offering free reiki during our winter community care day.
Community members completing a warm up activiity during our annual Interpreters Training.

3rd Space embodies Audre Lorde’s often-quoted statement: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” As a radical political act -- using language, disability, and migrant justice frameworks -- we prioritize wellness using creation, invention, and innovation to draw from our resilience and support ourselves. This includes yearly interpreter trainings, response team trainings, and community care days offering free reiki, massage therapy, clothing swaps, and more. 

Membership Program

Former staff, Isake Smith, holding down Chillin & Grillin serving free food to community members.
Audre Lorde Project community choir performing at our annual Pozitively Resilient program.
Since our founding, members and volunteers have been essential to building every aspect of the Audre Lorde Project. In 2010, we formalized the membership program to move away from the volunteer framework towards a membership structure with multiple levels of time commitment and various leadership development, professional development and political education opportunities. It has also expanded to include a member ran and led choir and design guild. Each year, the program hosts Chillin & Grillin, one of the hottest picnics of the summer in New York City, and Daring to be Powerful (DTBP), a two day, two part community organizing training and workshop on power and oppression.
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aya t donated $50.00
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J S donated $20.00
by Anonymous donated $100.00

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thank you for all of your work


Thank you for all you do!


I love my ALP friends!!!!


Much love + respect to the Audre Lorde Project! <3