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API Equality-LA

$12,442.00 contributions
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Raised: $12442Remaining: $2558

API Equality-LA is an LGBTQ rights and racial justice organization building grassroots community power and organizing for change in the greater Los Angeles area. We work to empower API LGBTQ leaders to create the community change they want and need. Much of our work is driven by dedicated members and volunteers; thus, we are truly a community-driven and run organization!

As we see youth across the country lead social change efforts, API Equality-LA is invested in expanding opportunities for API LGBTQ youth to lead our communities and movements! We want to activate our intergenerational community of youth and adults to push for progressive change during the 2018 midterm elections and the long-term community power of the API LGBTQ community.

Although it's only April, we've already done so much to help our communities grow and thrive!
  • On February 17, we marched in the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade with a contingent of 50 API LGBTQ community members and allies in support of all API LGBTQ people and immigrants!
  • In February, we launched a community needs assessment of the API LGBTQ community!
  • This spring, we've hosted two wonderful interns who have worked to launch our community needs assessment and add more API LGBTQ stories to our online resource, Q&A Space!

We’ve accomplished so much with our team of  dedicated and passionate volunteers, as well as our two hardworking staff members. Imagine all the ways we can grow by turning our dynamic duo into a terrific trio!
This year, we are challenging you to help us raise $15,000 from 300 donors by April 19 at 9PM PST/12AM EST. Your donation will help us keep API LGBTQ community spaces and movements alive and thriving!
How can you help? Consider giving to support the following:
$31: The number of volunteer meetings, trainings, and activities API Equality-LA has hosted so far in 2018
$50: The number of API LGBTQ leaders who spearheaded API Equality-LA's work in 2017
$200: The number of messages of solidarity we collected for queer, trans, Muslim, and undocumented immigrants through our Indi(visible) Campaign
$500: The number of conversations volunteers will have during a typical weekend outreach event
To help you meet this goal, we are proud to announce a matching challenge for those who are donating to API Equality-LA on Give OUT Day. If you schedule a donation or give on April 19, every $1 you donate will be matched up to a total amount of $10,000. Thank you to the generous contributions of the following donors for making this matching challenge possible:
-National LGBTQ AAPI Giving Circle
-Michael and Mai Degnan
-Charlie Woo
-Marshall Wong
-Doreena Wong & Jenny Pizer
-Jun Zhao
Take part in this beautiful, intergenerational API LGBTQ community effort! Give $10, $100, or $1000 today!

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Happy bithday, Tracy! So in awe of the incredible work you and all the folks at API Equality LA do, and your deep, enduring commitment. <3


In honor of your 27th birthday, Tanya! To many more years of you making a difference in this world!




<3 much love for APIELA