Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


Bisexual Organizing Project


Raised: $205Remaining: $1795

What programs does BOP offer?

◆  We sponsor BECAUSE, which stands for Bisexual Empowerment Conference:
A Uniting, Supportive Experience. Held every fall primarily in the Twin Cities, the conference brings together people from all over the country to strengthen our community and learn from each other.

◆  We sponsor BiReConUSA, held on odd-numbered years the day before BECAUSE. is academic conference brings together people who research the bi+ community to present research, share best practices, and get in close contact with the community they study.

◆  We organize monthly moderated and casual discussion groups, book club, and walking club.

◆  We organize quarterly moderated and casual Bi+POC group.

◆  Social events to help build bi+ community are hosted by both BOP and individuals through our Meetup group.

◆  We have booths at Pride and community celebrations around the Upper Midwest to ensure a visible bi+ presence and provide education and community outside the Twin Cities.

◆  Celebrate Bisexuality Day festivities are hosted by BOP every year. Also known as Bi Pride Day, it is observed around the world on September 23.

◆  Community Recognition Awards are presented annually by BOP to a business, an organization, and an individual who have worked to serve the bi+ community.

◆  We provide education through presentations and workshops to business
and community groups on topics related to the bi+ community.

◆  Our newest area of programming is conducting qualitative and quantitative community research to support our education and outreach goals.