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Charis Circle

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Since 1974, Charis Books & More, the oldest and largest feminist bookstore in the South, has played host to legendary speakers and events and served as a defacto LGBTQ center in the heart of Atlanta. In 1996, we created a separate 501c3 non-profit, Charis Circle, to continue and expand our program offerings. Together, Charis Books and Charis Circle exist to foster sustainable feminist communities, to work for social justice, and to encourage the expression of diverse and marginalized voices. As a non-profit, Charis Circle is funded mainly through individual giving efforts and family foundation gifts. Help us preserve this vital community resource for many generations to come. Every dollar counts!

Visit us in person at 1189 Euclid Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30307. (404) 524-0304

Sarah T donated $13.00
Sarah T donated $13.00
Ata K donated $10.00
Danielle D donated $10.00
Sarah T donated $13.00
Elise B donated $27.00

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Because a person's voice is her power, and her stories are illustrations and windows to foster understanding. I'm grateful to Charis and it


I heart Charis


Ever since my now30-something used to play in your loft, I have loved Charis!