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Cream City Foundation Inc

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Cream City Foundation is Southeastern Wisconsin's LGBTQ+ Community Foundation, bringing donors and non-profit organizations together to support the lived experience of LGBTQ+ people. We mobilize the philanthropic resources necessary to proactively address the human rights and needs of our community.
Our Collective Impact
Since our founding in 1982, the Foundation has granted more than 400 grants and 31 scholarships totaling well over $1,540,000 to support impactful initiatives of LGBTQ+ non-profits and allied organizations. In 2016, the Foundation granted more than $106,000 to 22 LGBTQ+ and allied organizations and 31 scholarships in our inaugural LGBTQ+ Scholarship Program, totaling $43,500. We provided critical funding for HIV organizations, LGBTQ+ community centers and social service organizations, LGBTQ+ education, cultural and arts organizations and funded LGBTQ+ leadership development programs.

Our Current Projects

Cream City Foundation with Marquette University Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies has been working on researching the needs of our community to create elevated priorities and proactive funding for Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Early analysis of the data indicates a clear need to support the trans community.

The future work of Cream City Foundation will focus on creating the opportunities for LGBTQ+ people in SE Wisconsin to live prosperous and fulfilling lives with the equal opportunity to participate in American life. We dream of a day where our people have positive visibility and dignity that will make them safe in the world, more employable and healthy.

Our community foundation will address the issues that prevent our communities from achieving the dream of full inclusion and acceptance. As a result, our work will not be single-issue driven. Instead, it will focus on creating whole lives where the economic, health and safety needs of our LGTBQ+ communities are met and individuals can flourish.

With this in mind, Cream City Foundation has developed three elevated priorities that will guide our fundraising and grant making, and our proactive convening to shine light on the most critical issues we need to be addressing in our communities, collectively.

• PROSPERITY: Creating equal opportunities for families and individuals earn a living.  We will address economic justice issues to secure access to housing, food, education, and employment with fair and inclusive workplaces.
• HEALTH: Creating opportunities to fairly access physical and mental healthcare services and welcoming healthcare providers, and health insurance, without fear or discrimination. 
• EQUITY: Creating opportunities to bridge our understanding that the LGBTQ+ community is not one monolithic community but one that is comprised of multiple communities with intersecting identities, experiences, and oppressions.

We know that we will not be able to address these priorities alone. It will take collaboration and coalition building across multiple communities and movements to advance the social changes that will make it possible for all LGBTQ+ people to have full inclusion and equity. We hope that as your invited to learn more about the emerging work of Cream City Foundation - you will respond and help us to remove the barriers that prevent our communities from flourishing and full participation in American life.

Please help Cream City Foundation fund our elevated priorities by giving $100 or $200 dollars!

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