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California Women's Law Center

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Women, girls and individuals of the LGBTQ community suffer harm as a result of multiple characteristics, including race, sexual orientation, age, class and disability. The injustices that may be a result of these characteristics are complex and cannot be addressed effectively without recognizing their relationship to one another.

The California Women's Law Center is a gender focused organization that is uniquely positioned to tackle injustices at the state level.

Your support will ensure we can continue to pursue change in these current areas of focus:

Supporting LGBTQ Legislation
Affecting policy change at the top to promote gender equality for all

Supporting Our Women Veterans
Ongoing empowerment workshops and in-kind legal counsel to support women veterans who are struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of Military Sexual Assault so they may receive the government guaranteed benefits they deserve

Protecting Students from Campus Sexual Assault
As demonstrated in the recent documentary film about campus sexual assault, The Hunting Game

Ensuring Equal Sports Opportunities for High School Girls
Read about CWLC's landmark victory lawsuit won in 2014. CWLC continues to use this case as a model of best practice to ensure all girls have equal high school sports opportunities.

Oppression can be eliminated only by addressing its institutions and systemic causes.

A model of legal advocay that emphasizes education, outreach and community organizing, as well as litigation, is the best way to affect change.

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