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DignityUSA is in the business of transformation: transforming lives, transforming our Church, and transforming our world.

The Christian faith we profess—despite the forces that tell us we can’t love who we love or be who God made us to be and still call ourselves Catholic—is also, fundamentally, about transformation. As Henri Nouwen, a same-sex loving Catholic, once wrote “the appearance of Jesus in our midst has made it undeniably clear that changing the human heart and changing human society are not separate tasks, but are as interconnected as the two beams of the cross.”

Today, in the season of Easter, DignityUSA pauses to share stories of transformation with you, our members and friends. We hope you will take time to be inspired by these stories of change and resurrection from our members and friends.

How has DignityUSA transformed your life? Your world? How has support and advocacy from DignityUSA changed you?

We need your support for DignityUSA to continue our mission of resurrecting our Church and society into the image and likeness of God. Will you help bring new life to DignityUSA by making a generous donation?

The lives, safety, health, and employment of LGBTQI Catholics are being threatened by politicians and Church leaders who don’t understand the truth of who we are. This makes our work increasingly important today!

Give Out Day—today’s 24-hour giving opportunity—is a perfect time to support DignityUSA.

Will you donate today? Will you say “yes” to DignityUSA work of transformation? Your contribution or membership gift shows that you are part of the Catholic majority who believe that LGBTQI people should be fully and equally included in our Church and society. It shows you, like us, believe in resurrection and transformation!

Thank you for your gift of any amount!

Dick Y from Dayton talks about DignityUSA and the Bible

Cathy B shares her personal story with DignityUSA

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My support for Dignity USA-LGBTQI Catholics--looking forward to the Jubilee Celebration in Chicago in July 2019