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What We Do

Equality Case Files is the most comprehensive destination available for information on litigation and legislation that impacts the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. We provide free public access to documents filed in court cases and provide ongoing up-to-the-minute news, analysis and context for a wide range of audiences – from practicing lawyers to legal enthusiasts to general audiences interested in following these important cases.

Why We Do It

Every day there are updates in critical litigation and legislation that can have far-reaching, life-changing impacts on members of the LGBT community. But too often these updates seem inaccessible to everyday Americans. Hundreds of court cases are pending right now on a wide range of LGBT issues – from employment and housing discrimination to basic dignity for transgender young people and adults, from so-called “religious liberty” exemptions to discrimination in places of public accommodation, from dangerous “conversion therapy” fraud cases to the fight for accurate documents for transgender people. At Equality Case Files, we know how important these cases are, and we want to help our users fully understand what's going on and have first-hand sources at their disposal. That's why we upload dozens of legal documents each day, attend crucial hearings and trials, and have a deep encyclopedic knowledge of what's happening in the courts.

Recent Activity

Provide real-time updates and first-hand documents: Through our social media platforms and website, EQCF maintains the most timely and comprehensive library of documents from court cases and legislative fights concerning LGBTQ people. We are always uploading new documents, tracking new cases, and keeping supporters nformed on the latest news.  

Over the years, we have uploaded and made publicly available more than ten thousand documents and helped users understand their impact on the LGBT community. Equality Case Files documents have been cited, linked to, or included in articles from the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, and Slate.
Consolidate updates with the Equality Case Files Round-Up: Next month will see the return of the Equality Case Files Round-Up, our email newsletter presented in partnership with Freedom for All Americans Education Fund. In the Round-Up, we report the latest updates on LGBTQ-related litigation and legislation, providing detailed coverage in key topic areas in addition to short updates on other LGBTQ-related developments, and alert to what’s ahead on court calendars. Click here to subscribe.
Attend trials and hearings in significant cases: Editor-in-Chief Kathleen Perrin and other EQCF volunteers attend trials, hearings, and oral argument in significant cases across the country in order to provide firsthand accounts from inside the courtroom. In the past year, we've attended over twenty proceedings in seventeen states and D.C. These include:
• Boyden v. Conlin, a jury trial to determine damages to be paid to two transgender women, University of Wisconsin employees, who were denied medically necessary health care by their state health plan.
• Oral argument before the Arizona Supreme Court in Brush & Nib, a challenge to the City of Phoenix's public accomodation nondiscrimination ordinance.
• A hearing in Anchorage, Alaska in which a women's homeless shelter seeks to exclude transgender women, in violation of the city's nondiscrimination law.
• Arguments before U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals in cases on topics ranging from taxpayer-funded social service agencies discriminating against same-sex couples to the current administration's ban on military service by transgender individuals. 

Coming Up

• In May, we'll be in Denver at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeal for oral argument in the case of Dr. Rachel Tudor, a transgender professor who was unlawfully denied tenure at Southeastern Oklahoma State University
•  In June, we’ll be in attendance when the Southern Poverty Law Center heads back to court – again - to ask a New Jersey judge to enforce an injunction against JONAH,  an organization ordered to shut down after a jury determined that its conversion therapy program constituted consumer fraud. 
• We anticipate hearings in ongoing cases on issues impacting our youth, military servicemembers and veterans, LGBTQ employees, the rights of people to have accurate identity documents, and to receive health care free of discrimination. We'll be there. 

Why We Need Your Support

Your donation not only helps us continue our current work but will help us expand our coverage. Equality Case Files provides information through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, our Equality Case Files Round-Up newsletter, and a website that serves as a file repository. Your contribution will help us further our offerings and help us to continue educating and informing the public about LGBT-related legal proceedings and the way they shape our society.


Equality Case Files, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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I think it is important that the LGBT litigants have someone show up in court and document what they go through and to give them moral suppo


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Equality Case Files is doing important work that makes LGBTQ legal fights accessible in a way nobody else does!