Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


I am a fundraiser for

Equality Case Files

Raised: $25Remaining: $4975

During my years of work with Marriage Equality USA, Equality Case Files served as our primary legal resource, enabling us to provide information on legal cases across the nation. On our national calls, EQCF Founder and CEO Kathleen Perrin reported directly to the public from hearings and trials across the country; Perrin made the cases come alive as she explained legal intricacies in language lay people could understand. I developed tremendous respect for EQCF.

The crucial point when making a donation to EQCF is that every dollar goes directly to the work. There is no bureaucracy, no paid staff. Your money will primarily be used to purchase the legal documents which EQCF then provides to the public at no cost, and for travel costs allowing Perrin to attend trials in person so that she can report back to the  public and serve as a resource for attorneys, activists, legal scholars and law students.
Currently I volunteer with EQCF, uploading legal documents and re-formatting court dockets. I am proud of the work and credit EQCF with enriching my retirement. Please join me by adding your support. Thank you!

Amos L donated $15.00
Christine A donated $10.00

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