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Equality Case Files is the most comprehensive destination available for information on litigation and legislation that impacts the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. We provide free public access to documents filed in court cases and provide ongoing up-to-the-minute news, analysis and context for a wide range of audiences – from practicing lawyers to legal enthusiasts to general audiences interested in following these important cases.

Equality Case Files provides real-time updates and first-hand documents
EQCF maintains the most timely and comprehensive library of documents from court cases and legislative fights concerning LGBTQ people. EQCF is always uploading new documents, tracking new cases, and keeping supporters nformed on the latest news.  

More than ten thousand documents have been made available on EQCF, and this group has helped users understand the law's impact on the LGBT community. Equality Case Files documents have been cited, linked to, or included in articles from the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, and Slate.
Consolidated updates each month
Every 2-3 weeks EQCF reflects on the latest updates on LGBTQ-related litigation and legislation through an email newsletter, the Equality Case Files Round-Up. EQCF provides in-depth analysis and high-level coverage of key topic areas, a look at what’s ahead, and short updates on other LGBTQ-related developments. This newsletter is presented in partnership with Freedom for All Americans Education Fund. Click here to subscribe.

Why EQCF needs your support

Your donation not only helps continue current work but will help expand coverage. Equality Case Files provides information through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, our Equality Case Files Round-Up newsletter, and a website that serves as a file repository. Your contribution will help us further offerings and help continue educating and informing the public about LGBT-related legal proceedings and the way they shape our society.

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