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Give OUT Day 2018:



Equality Virginia

$12,210.00 contributions
387 donors

We will make the most out of your generous donation.

Your support will fund many of Equality Virginia’s initiatives designed to achieve full lived and legal equality for LGBT Virginians. Some of our current initiatives include:

Connecting with elected officials through direct lobbying & education, as well as promoting communications between constituents and their elected leaders.

Increasing transgender visibility by coordinating community conversations across the state with Equality Virginia's trained Transgender Spokespeople.

Engaging the business community and growing the number of small businesses and major Fortune 500 companies in Virginia that openly support their gay and transgender customers, clients and employees.

Creating safer schools for LGBT youth by educating local school boards and administrators on the importance of having inclusive bullying and nondiscrimination policies that include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Barbara C donated $50.00
Deanna B donated $20.00
Patrick W donated $10.00
Barbara C donated $50.00
Deanna B donated $20.00
Henry C donated $10.00

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Updates and Donors' Comments


Equality for ALL!


Thank you for all the good work you do advocating on behalf of the queer community in Virginia.


Thanks Carol for fighting the fight


Equality for Everyone