Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


Fair Wisconsin Education Fund

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It has never been more important than it is right now, to stand on the side of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) equality. Your contribution will ensure that Fair Wisconsin Education Fund can continue our critical work achieving and defending important victories for the LGBTQ community.
When each of us has the ability to live freely, with dignity and respect, and free from the threat of violence to ourselves, and our families, only then will we have achieved true equality. Your support helps Fair Wisconsin Education Fund secure, protect, and defend the rights of the community in Wisconsin all year long.
Your contribution makes possible our ongoing campaigns to inform and educate both the public and policy makers about the importance of equal protection under the law for all Wisconsinites.
Discrimination against the LGBTQ community leads to severe health disparities, homelessness, unemployment, and worse. In Wisconsin, there are no legal protections for our community based on gender identity and expression. Transgender and gender nonconforming people can be fired, evicted and harassed simply because of who they are, and Fair Wisconsin is working hard every day to change that.
And with Fair Wisconsin supporters like you leading this movement, I know this is a reality we can—and will—achieve sooner rather than later. Your commitment to fairness and justice means so much to the LGBTQ community in Wisconsin, and Wisconsin will become a better place for the LGBTQ community because of your generosity.
Want to make an even greater impact? Make your contribution a recurring gift for as little as $10 each month. Your monthly contribution ensures that we have the resources we need all year long to continue advancing, achieving and protecting civil rights for all LGBTQ Wisconsinites.
Fair Wisconsin Education Fund works to build a fair, safe, and inclusive Wisconsin for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people by advancing, achieving, and protecting LGBTQ civil rights and workplace equality through education, movement capacity building, grassroots organizing, civic engagement, research, and legal challenge preparation.

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