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Health care should be a right, not a privilege

For more than forty-five years, Fenway Health has been working to make life healthier for the people in our neighborhood, the LGBTQ community, people living with HIV/AIDS and the broader population. Fenway was founded in 1971 as part of the free clinic movement by students who believed that “health care should be a right, not a privilege.” Learn more about Fenway Health on our website.

For Give Out Day 2018, your gift to Fenway Health will advance our ability to provide world-class comprehensive health care to anyone who needs it - regardless of their ability to pay. 

Here are some of the many ways we help those in need:
* Our Sidney Borum Jr. Health Center cares for young people ages 12-29, many of whom are LGBT or questioning, homeless or at risk of homelessness, or otherwise underserved or marginalized.
* We are the largest provider of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services in New England, caring for nearly 2,200 HIV patients last year. And, we still operate the nation’s oldest community-based HIV research program. The Fenway Institute is at the epicenter of some of the most promising and groundbreaking HIV research being conducted in the world.
* We ensure a safe, comfortable, and respectful place for people who self-identify on the transgender spectrum to receive their medical and behavioral healthcare, serving over 3,200 individuals last year. We also provide trainings on transgender health to other medical professionals around the country.
* We provide critical women’s health services including mammograms, OB/GYN care, LGBTQ family and parenting services, and Alternative Insemination – a program started in 1983 and believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

* We engage LGBTQ elders to ensure that they are not isolated and forced to go ‘back into the closet,’ provide trainings to assisted living and retirement community staff, and increase public awareness of LGBTQ elders and the issues that impact them.
And there is so much more that we do, and can do, with your help!

Here Are a Few Examples of How Your Support Will Help:

$5,000 helps provide over $1 million in free medicine to patients who cannot afford it every year.

$2,500 helps pay for 20 one-on-one behavioral health counseling sessions to individuals in need.

$1,340 helps pay our Peer Listening Line phone bill for one year. This amount or higher also activates your membership in the Fenway Leadership Circle!

$500 helps pay for four mammograms to screen patients for breast cancer.
$300 helps pay for 30 meal cards for homeless youth accessing our services.
$100 helps us make 9 home deliveries of life-saving medication to elderly or homebound patients.

Mark S donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $20.18

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