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is a membership-based organization building the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color, ages 13 to 24, and needs your help TODAY! 

Our History:
FIERCE was founded in 2000 by and for LGBTQ youth of color dedicated to building our social and political power to change our conditions, shape our futures, and become effective agents of change in our communities. 
FIERCE has prevented the displacement of LGBTQ youth of color in historically safe spaces in the West Village amidst rapid private development in the neighborhood. Our organizing efforts ensure that more City resources are directed specifically to the needs of homeless and low-income LGBTQ youth. We confront police brutality through Cop Watch and Know Your Rights street outreach and trainings for hundreds of queer youth. As a member of Communities United for Police Reform, FIERCE is fighting to end discriminatory policing and empower our communities after the passage of the historic Community Safety Act!

Our Work:

  • Campaigns: FIERCE has recently moved to the Bronx and begun working on fighting gentrification in the Bronx, ending homelessness, improving our schools so that young queer and trans youth are given a supportive learning environment including gender neutral bathrooms and to better train school staff, and challenging the federal policies that are targeting immigrant communities across the country. Our campaigns are building momentum with youth in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. Currently, our Education for Liberation and Power project is building youth leadership that is impacted by these issues and is engaged in building a stronger youth-led community.
  • Leadership Development: As a youth-led organization, FIERCE has graduated over 376 LGBTQ youth of color from the Education for Liberation (ELP) program - our intensive political education, anti-oppression, and community organizing program. FIERCE members have inspired thousands of homeless and low-income LGBTQ youth in NYC into collective action and many former FIERCE members go on to take leadership in the social justice movement.
  • Base-building: FIERCE has reached thousands of LGBTQ youth of color, many of whom have become members. FIERCE’s growing membership and leadership development efforts make it possible for us to leverage crucial campaign victories. Our current membership exceeds 1600 youth, making FIERCE one of the largest youth-led organizations in the U.S.
  • Media and Arts and Culture: Cultural expression and art have always been central to FIERCE’s work. From our 2001 Fenced Out documentary about gentrification and the re-development of the Christopher St piers to our Safe Space Saves Lives campaign victories that bring free queer cultural events for LGBTQ youth back to the West Village -FIERCE has fought to ensure that LGBTQ youth of color are free to express ourselves, create independent media that truly reflects us, and engage in media advocacy to forward our campaigns.
For more information about our programs, please visit our website at
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