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Give OUT Day 2018:



Free2Be Huntsville, Birmingham, Dothan, Mobile, Montgomery & the Shoals

$120.00 contributions
6 donors

Raised: $120Remaining: $19880

Your Give OUT Day gifts will help us begin a new LGBTQ Youth Group in Dothan, move into new expanded ADA compliant offices in Huntsville, and open new service locations in Montgomery and Mobile!  You will be helping us reach more LGBTQ Alabamians!

The good you do through your gits to the Free2Be Network is multipled! 
Our Victims of Crime Act funding will eventually reimburse the rent on our locations so once we receive these reimbursements we will be able to use your gifts again to provide even more support to the LGBTQ people of Alabama!  

The Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project provides help and support to
LGBTQ people of Alabama when they need it most.

Every year LGBTQ people are beaten, harassed, and killed just for being themselves. 
Many cannot find safety at home or in their intimate relationships.  

*** During the first 18 months from October 2014 through March 2016 of the Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project, we responded to more than 1,500 requests for help through the services we provide from Huntsville, Birmingham, & the Shoals.  
This included 1,076 free counseling sessions!  
177 of these were related to Domestic Violence.
Free2Be Huntsville, Free2Be Mobile, & Free2Be Shoals (256-886-1150) (

 Free2Be Birmingham (205-202-7476) (

Beginning November 2016, Free2Be Montgomery & Free2Be Dothan
 (256-886-1150) (
Your investment in us through your financial gifts makes this possible.  


Company Overview

Founded in 2009, GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services, Inc. is doing business as Free2Be. We are a 501 (c)(3) public charity incorporated in Alabama. Our EIN is 27-1361495

Social services and our outreach and education are conducted through the Free2Be Safe Anti-Violence Project. This project is a regional endeavor to address Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Bullying, and other forms of violence that damage all of us as individuals and as a society. This project is the first of its kind in Alabama to be designed to meet the culturally specific needs of LGBTQ people. With your continued support we work to help survivors overcome trauma while providing public education and services to support the development of healthy relationships. We provide support groups for youth, young adults, & transgender adults, as well as, counseling and resource referrals. Our Free2Be LGBTQ Resource Center houses our support groups, community meetings, volunteer workspaces, and the planning office for Rocket City Pride.  Please contact our office at 256-886-1150 for more information about our services and office hours.

Kate P donated $25.00
Kate P donated $25.00
Kate P donated $25.00
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Karen F donated $25.00

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