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While LGBTQ people can marry anywhere in the US, they can still be fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, or denied services in 32 states. There are no federal protections that explicitly and comprehensively protect LGBT people from discrimination.

Founded in 2015, we’ve already made great strides in building public awareness of LGBT discrimination and successfully defended the community against nearly 300 religious exemptions and anti-transgender attacks. We’ve generated more than 20 million media impressions, mobilized hundreds of thousands of Americans to show their support online, and trained more than 50 future LGBT movement leaders to ensure we have the skill and talent to accomplish our mission.

In the past year Freedom for All Americans has been proud to lead on some of the LGBTQ movement’s biggest wins, and we look forward to continued success throughout the rest of the year and beyond. Take a look at some of the work we’ve been involved in at the national and state level in 2017 and 2018:

1) ‚ÄčAnchorage Makes History by Defeating Anti-Transgender Ballot Initiative

Earlier this month, the voters of Anchorage made history by becoming the first city in the United States to uphold the dignity of transgender people at the ballot box. Freedom for All Americans was a leading member of Fair Anchorage, serving on the campaign’s executive committee and advising on overall strategy, messaging, advertising, digital and earned media. Through in-kind donations of a campaign website, digital assets and staff time, Freedom for All Americans was the top contributor to the campaign to defeat Proposition 1.

2) New Hampshire Moves Closer Than Ever to Full Statewide Protections

Over the course of two years, Freedom for All Americans has been proud to serve as a leading and founding member of Freedom New Hampshire, the campaign to protect transgender people from discrimination across the state. Now, that campaign has moved closer than ever to succeeding, as legislation that would add transgender nondiscrimination protections to existing state civil rights law has few hurdles left to clear for passage. Already this year, the bill (HB 1319) has passed through the House Judiciary Committee to a full House vote, where it was deemed ‘Ought to Pass’ by a vote of 195-129.

3) Texas Advocates Weather Legislative Session and Special Session, Defeating Dozens of Anti-LGBTQ Bills

In summer 2017 a strong coalition in Texas dealt with dozens of discriminatory bills, including the shameful SB6, a clone of North Carolina’s HB2 that sought to restrict restroom access for transgender people.  We worked with our colleagues at Equality Texas, the Texas Association of Business, and the Keep Texas Open for Business coalition to ensure that discriminatory legislation like SB 3 would not advance to the governor’s desk. The business opposition to this legislation was overwhelming, with an unprecedented number of businesses speaking out in recent weeks.

4) Second Circuit Ruling: Title VII Employment Protections Apply to LGBTQ People

In late February, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals found in a 10-3 en banc decision that employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is a violation of the Civil RIghts Act of 1964, specifically Title VII concerning sex discrimination. In the case FFAAEF recruited 50 businesses representing more than 370,000 employees to file a friend-of-the-court brief in support of the plaintiff, marking the first time that businesses explicitly took the legal position that discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation violates Title VII.

5) Momentum Continues to Protect Transgender People in Massachusetts

Since October 2015 Freedom for All Massachusetts has been the campaign to defend transgender-inclusive non-discrimination protections, has been mobilizing volunteers and building coalitions to amplify the voices of support for transgender people. Freedom for All Americans is a founding and leading member of Freedom Massachusetts and currently contributes to the coalition in the form of communications outreach, digital strategy, lobbying, field support, and staffing key campaign leadership roles.

6) Powerful Coalition in Georgia Unites to Defeat Discriminatory Legislation for the 5th Year in a Row

For the fifth year in a row, thousands of individual Georgians have defeated legislative attempts to enshrine anti-LGBTQ discrimination into Georgia law. Cheers to our partners at Georgia Unites Against Discrimination, a campaign Freedom for All Americans is proud to be a leading member of, on the win.

The movement builds on our ongoing work with Georgia Equality and coalition partners across the Peach State.

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