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Create space.
Share tools.
Build movements.

Freedom Oklahoma advocates for lived equality for LGBTQ Oklahomans. We educate allies on inclusive practices, raise awareness about issues that discriminate, build local movements for equality. We serve to amplify the voices of our community when we're attacked and create gathering space for our triumphs.

Civic Empowerment
Learn to advocate for inclusive policies at all levels of government by attending one of our Civic Empowerment trainings. Our resources help participants navigate pathways to change through education and empowerment in the civic process.
Attend on your own or invite us to speak to your LGBTQ+ group by emailing 

At the Capitol
Freedom Oklahoma has worked hard to build solid, working relationships with the legislators and staff at the state capitol. We will continue to develop these relationships year-round, and increase the awareness and urgency of lived-equality for LGBTQ Oklahomans. As this legislative session moves to a close, we will be looking to you, our community members, to guide us in our next steps. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming statewide survey and share your experiences, ideas, and barriers to lived-equality. Help us make Oklahoma feel like home to all who live and love here. 

Resource Guides + Fact Sheets
As Oklahoma's only state-wide LGBTQ+ advocacy, understand the pressing need for community outreach and education. 2019 presents us with the opportunity to spread resources, best practices, and plain old facts about the issues facing our community. 

Need to explain to your representative why protecting minors from the harmful practices of conversion therapy is so urgent? 
Want to help the administration at your transgender child's school understand the lack of and need for protections?
Looking for resources on navigating the personal, professional, and legal aspects of your transition?

With your support, we will be rolling out resource guides and fact sheets throughout the year. After all, the best defense against hateful legislation is an informed and engaged electorate. 

Annual LGBTQ+ College Summit
2020 will be Freedom Oklahoma's 8th College Summit. Each year we bring together LGBTQ+ students and allies for a one-day summit. Participants get to hear from community leaders on topics ranging from political advocacy to reconciling faith and gender identity. In 2019 we had participants from 19 colleges both in and outside of Oklahoma. With your support, 2020 will be even bigger and better. 

Local Legends
This May, join us in hearing from Oklahoma's legends, rebels, and trailblazers. We will be launching this speaker series as a way to build intergenerational connections within our community. Learn from the folks who have lived and loved authentically and paved the way for the rest of us to do the same. Coming in May 2019.

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As the mother of two gay sons I believe we need to make everyone aware of how important it is to have an open mind and compassion for everyo