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GLBT Historical Society

$85.00 contributions
3 donors

Raised: $85Remaining: $915

The GLBT Historical Society operates two major programs in San Francisco dedicated to preserving and presenting LGBTQ history: the archives and The GLBT History Museum.

Located in San Francisco's Castro District, The GLBT History Museum is the first full-scale, stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States. The museum celebrates 100 years of the city's vast queer past through dynamic and surprising exhibitions and programming, 

Recently relocated to spacious new quarters in the mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, the archives of the GLBT Historical Society contain approximately 800 collections of personal papers, photographs and organizational records. These collections include unpublished material such as letters, diaries and scrapbooks documenting the lives of both average people and community leaders. They also include the records of many community organizations, businesses and political campaigns.

This year, the Historical Society launched a multi-year campaign to create a new, world-class Museum of LGBTQ History and Culture in San Francisco which will vastly expand our capacity for diverse exhibitions and programming.

The GLBT Historical Society is celebrating the 32nd anniversary of its founding this year.
Meredith O donated $25.00
Robert T donated $10.00
Sue H donated $50.00

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