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Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network

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GSAs are evolving.  The trans and queer youth movement is evolving.  And so are we.

GSA clubs have transcended their role as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth and have emerged as vehicles for deep social change beyond individual schools.  Trans and queer youth leaders are connecting across the country to create a movement that works at the intersection of queer justice and racial, gender, economic and educational justice.  As a youth-driven organization, it is our responsibility to respond to the direction and evolution of trans and queer youth that we serve.

Your gift of $10 or more will train youth leaders and strengthen the national LGBTQ+ youth movement.

Here’s what we will be able to do in the next year with your support:

End the Criminalization of LGBTQ+ Youth of Color in Schools
LGBTQ youth represent 8% of the general student population nationally, yet 15% of the juvenile justice population, of which an overwhelming majority are African-American and Latinx.  We know that by eliminating LGBTQ+ discrimination and racial disparities in schools we can start to prevent school push out, prevent the school to prison pipeline, and minimize the criminalization of youth in communities across the country.

We will train youth leaders and support them in launching local organizing campaigns, while working collaboratively with grassroots and community-based organizations to adequately meet the needs of youth in their communities and ensure that the experiences and voices of LGBTQ+ youth are represented.  This work is crucial in schools that have punitive discipline practices that disproportionately impact LGBTQ+ youth of color.

Uplift Voices and Experiences of Trans Youth
In 2015, GSA Network and Transgender Law Center launched the TRUTH Project, a national trans and gender nonconforming youth storytelling campaign that aims to build empathy, understanding, and a movement for youth to share their stories in their own words and in their own way.  As part of the TRUTH project, GSA Network has created both a National and California Trans Youth Councils comprised of trans and gender nonconforming youth leaders who are producing three campaigns that will educate the broader community about important issues impacting their lives, including intersectionality, educational institutions and health care.

Expand Resources and Support for LGBTQ+ Youth in the Southeast
The Southeastern United States has continued to experience significant challenges in protecting LGBTQ+ people and the voice of youth of color has remained underrepresented.  Most recently, several state governments have introduced, debated, and even passed religious freedom laws that deny non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ+ people, threatening local communities and impacting the ability of organizations to effectively advocate for change.  We are supporting efforts by local organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina to build the leadership of LGBTQ+ youth locally and provide organizational development where it is needed.  

We seek to support and strengthen local organizations so that they can connect to each other and build a youth movement that meets the needs of youth in those communities, working collaboratively towards educational, racial, economic, and gender justice.

Your gift of $10, $35, $100 or $250 can empower trans and queer youth leaders to create change.

Make a gift today and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we support the development of trans youth leaders to tell their own stories in their own way, deepen our presence in schools and communities where the rights of LGBTQ+ students are being denied, and ensure the rights of students of all genders and sexualities, continuing to empower this next generation of trans and queer youth that is leading and redefining the GSA movement.

Give your support today!

GSA Network is a next-generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization that empowers and trains trans, queer, and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize an intersectional movement for safer schools and healthier communities. In California, GSA Network connects over 1,000 GSA clubs through regional summits and youth councils. Nationally, GSA Network leads the National Association of GSA Networks which unites 40 statewide networks of GSA clubs, and GSAs Unite, an online campaign and petition platform supporting youth organizers across the country.

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Darlene H donated $35.00
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I'm happy to be able to support this work and empower our LGBT youth. Keep doing the good work


I'm happy to be able to support this work and empower our LGBT youth. Keep doing the good work


Thanks for doing this work Rhina!


I'm happy to be able to support this work and empower our LGBT youth. Keep doing the good work