Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


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Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network

Raised: $1155Remaining: $45

Donate and empower with the Trans & Queer Youth Movement!! 

Please ensure the "Charge Date" section on the donating page says: 4/18/2018 to count for Give OUT Day!

Hello friends, family, and supporters. Can you spot me in the 2008 SoCal and Central Vally Activist Camp photo? I am in the center fiercely rocking the brown dress shirt. I share this picture with you to share one of the beginning moments where I started my journey with the GSA Network. Through their program, I was able to learn, grown and build the tools to live an unapologetic and authentic life. 

Fast forward to now, I am devoted to efforts that create better opportunities and environments for our communities. It has been an exciting and enriching time. I am fundraising to sustain and build on our commitment to creating the next generation of trans and queer youth leaders who drive our organization and their trans and queer youth movement. 

Your gift of $10 or more will train youth leaders and strengthen the national LGBTQ+ youth movement.

In my high school years, I experienced bullying and discrimination as an openly queer person of color. I knew then, I had to get involved and find community. Being invited to a GSA meeting really gave me an opportunity to build with the community I was looking for.

After a year, I remember nervously stepping up and taking the role of vice president and then president of our club.  We developed a culture of love and acceptance and we wanted to share that with the rest of our campus for all students.  So we reached out to the GSA Network and they trained us in how to start and run an effective campaign. Our campaign launched and we lead a visibility campaign. The impact of our work and the skills learned from the GSA Network left a legacy of support and understanding on our high school campus for many years to come. 

Your gift of $10, $35, $100 or $250 can empower trans and queer youth leaders to create change.

With your donations and funding to our organization, I am able to provide the same support I received in 2008 to over 500+ GSA clubs in Southern California with our team. Join me in building up and empowering the trans and queer youth lead movement.

Please help me meet my fundraising goal. Your donation will go directly to our youth programming and the sustainability of GSA Network. Give your support today! Please ensure the "Charge Date" section on the donating page says: 4/18/2018 to count for Give OUT Day!

Thank you, 

P.S. Here are some pictures of the amazing youth leaders I have been able to support with past donations to our organization: 

Robert D donated $15.00
Robert D donated $15.00
Robert D donated $15.00
Robert D donated $15.00
by Anonymous donated $10.00
Robert D donated $15.00

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Love you Chris! Hope the team gets what they need!


Thank you Chris


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