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Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network

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Hi folks!

As a young person growing up in Queens NY I was surrounded by individuals and families from around the world. The daughter of a Colombian mother and recent immigrant to this country, I was raised with a deep sense of connection with a diverse Spanish speaking community. However, when I came out as a young adult I felt lost and alone. In my house growing up---queer was not even on the radar as a possible vocabulary word or identity. I had no role models or mentors that mirrored my intersectional identities as a Latina, Femme, queer individual.

Like many queer youth of color, I felt torn between finding my identity in largely white queer contexts, or feeling I had to hide my queer identity in the context of family and cultural identity. Nearly two decades later, I’ve come to find my place and my voice as an adult, and today I work hard to offer queer youth of color the mentorship and support I myself wasn’t able to find. 


As the Associate Director of Partnerships at GSA Network I work to establish connection and foster collaboration across a wide spectrum of intersectional identities from around the country. GSA Network is dedicated to lifting up and empowering queer youth. It’s important to me that queer youth today not be asked to leave any part of themselves behind as they work to find their voices and place in the wider queer community. 

As part of my work today, I ask the questions:

What does it mean to show up for young folks, our elders, our communities? What does it mean it mean to be a comrade, an ally, a friend? These are some of the questions I think about often when thinking of what I choose to do in this world. As a parent, I am also thinking about how the values associated with these questions can be shared and discussed with my little one. 

I do this work because I care. I care about the world we live in and what we are doing and what are we leaving for youth… and while it can often be discouraging to see and listen what is happening in the news to our communities, it is so much more powerful to bear witness to YOU. To all of you who are showing up on the daily. That is why I am asking for your support. I am asking you for a $10 donation to support GSA Network and youth.

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So thankful for the work you do!


Thank you for all that you give to our community


Be real. Party on.


I support you 100%