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Genders & Sexualities Alliance Network

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Transgender + nonbinary young people are not the future. We are the present!
The TRUTH (Trans Youth) Program is one of the nation’s few trans youth-centered and trans youth-led programs work for a safer world where our people are uplifted, respected and loved. Launching in 2015, our storytelling program centers the power of media and the force our stories hold in changing the hearts and minds of those around us.
TRUTH embodies the legacy of young organizers who've changed the world and the potential to push movements of social justice toward liberation, every day.
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[Photo is of the nine-point platform our youth council developed and launched, calling for our movements to priortize these issues and topics. Badass, right?)
THIS is the work young people can accomplish when trusted and supported.
But. We. Need. Your. Support. Funding our program that expands across the nation takes a lot and we have not witnessed investment into trans youth via pilanthropy just yet; so we turn toward you, our community and our allies.
Our young people and our program are badass and we need your support.
Since our launch, we have grown from the hopes of a media-based storytelling campaign into an expansive, national youth leadership program that includes a youth council of 23 young organizers from 15 US states and all regions. Our work ranges from resource creation to workshop facilitation to campaign launching.
The California TRUTH Council launched in August 2015, the National TRUTH Council launched in June 2016 at the Allied Media Conference, and the Southern TRUTH Council launched in June 2017 at the Queer Youth Leading the South (QYLTS) camp. In Fall 2018, TRUTH launched a Nine Point Platform that calls into action an intersection movement or justice; a future where we can all survive and thrive.

Hi, from TRUTH staff. We are Juniperangelica (she/her) and Yozantli (they/el), GSAN alumni who now serve as support staff for the Trans Youth Program. Having started our GSA journeys the summer before our senior years of high school (at the same activist camp!!), it really is a full circle to be able to be in this position supporting a next generation of badass organizers. Our role is to be on the cutting edge of movement building and garner every resource that may serve to the beenefit and growth of our youth. Often times, our programming relies on the funding of grants to complete our work. Community is powerful however, because this is your chance to be a part of this with us. Join us and support this program, support movements by/for young people.


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Thanks for all you do for trans youth!


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Thank you GIA and the whole Truth Team for all you do for the community, our youth and people of color. I support your work and passion for