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Hi Friends, 

Every Give Out Day, I get to reflect on the highlights of the past year and the new ways that I am fueled to keep supporting the work of GSA Network.  

This year, I met Rebecca York, coordinator of the DC Regional GSA Network and a staff member at SMYAL, where I worked from 2011-2014. 

But this wasn’t the first time we had met. Rebecca reminded me that I had facilitated a classic GSA Network workshop, How to Have a Kick Ass GSA, with her and a group of high school students in DC. She told me I was the first Asian American adult she had seen doing social justice work, and that moment had stuck with her as she sought out youth leadership opportunities. I was touched, and stunned – and I remembered her too! It’s not every day you meet queer East Asian youth in DC. Years later, she came back to SMYAL as first an intern and then a staff member, running the same GSA organizing program I helped launch.

earing about Rebecca’s journey reminded me of the incredible ripple effects GSA Network has created in my life and in others’ lives.

Each year GSA youth leaders throughout the state of CA and the nation make incredible gains person by person, school by school, and district by district. They inspire each other and create new possibilities for what GSAs and youth leaders can do. In this past year:


  • June 2018: GSA Network youth council members advocated for and worked directly on a resolution to improve support for LGBTQ+ students in LA Unified School District, which passed last school year. Their work to implement LGBTQ inclusive curriculum will impact hundreds of thousands of students.

  • Nov 2018: Our Trans Youth Council (TRUTH Council) launched a nine-point manifesto to support their work towards liberation. This beautiful poster was sent out to 800 GSAs as a part of our GSAs4GenderJustice Day of Action.

  • Jan 2019 - Present: A young transwoman student started a petition to end transphobia and implement gender neutral bathrooms in Long Beach Unified, launching a campaign that brought together trans students from throughout the district to advocate for trans student support. 

Watch this video (I’m in it!) to learn more about our work:


I’m proud to be a part of a trans and queer youth-driven organization that is fiercely fighting for racial, gender, and economic justice at the intersections. Please join me in supporting GSA Network with a $10 donation. 

I need your help in reaching my goal of 30 donors for GSA Network! Your donation will help us make our goal of being in the top 3 on the Bay Area leaderboard, winning us an additional donation. Most importantly though, your support on Give OUT Day is a huge investment in our community. Thank you!

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