Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


Horizons Foundation

Horizons Foundation has been the home of Give OUT Day since 2016. A core part of our mission has long been to increase giving by LGBTQ people (and our allies) to LGBTQ organizations – and Give OUT Day fits perfectly. We’re absolutely, 100% committed to making Give OUT Day a success for our participating organizations.

We hope you'll give to one or more of the many amazing LGBTQ organizations fundraising on Give OUT Day.

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For nearly 40 years, Horizons Foundation has fueled the LGBTQ movement and supported the LGBTQ community in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. If you care about a Bay Area LGBTQ organization – or been served by one at some point in your life – chances are very high that Horizons has helped fund that organization.
Founded in 1980 to support the growing number of LGBT nonprofit organizations, Horizons began with two grants of $500 each. Over the years, Horizons has made thousands of grants and become known for giving critical “seed” grants to new organizations which have grown into community anchors, including well-known examples like the National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Transgender Law Center, Project OpenHand, and the Gay Games. We’ve grown from those two grants in 1980 to over $5 million in 2018.
Reading through the annual lists of grants made by Horizons is like reading a history of our movement and the creation of the LGBTQ community. Whenever a new issue appeared, Horizons has been there. Again and again. Today, Horizons remains often the first to provide grants to emerging nonprofits and a core funder for anchor organizations that advocate for LGBT rights, serve LGBTQ youth and elders, ensure community health, and promote arts and culture.