Collective Total Raised on Give OUT Day 2019: $1,132,970


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Horizons Young Professionals for Equality (HYPE)

Raised: $60Remaining: $2940

Founded in 2011, Horizons Young Professionals for Equality (HYPE) is a giving circle that seeks to make giving back to your community accecible and easy. Together we support the leadership development of community-minded LGBTQ+ individuals and our allies.

As a diverse donor collaborative, we pool our money together to provide larger and more impactful funding to the organizations we support. That's how your $10 donation to HYPE on Give OUT Day can turn into a $5,000 grant for a local grassroots LGBTQ+ organization. In fact, since our founding HYPE has granted over $95,000 to support of some of the most innovative LGBTQ organizations locally and nationally.

Watch to learn more about HYPE from our donors and leadership...

HYPE is a community that gives and grows. We've expanded quickly these past seven years, to engage 500+ donors from diverse backgrounds representing the spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. Leading these community members is our Leadership Team and our Unicorns (HYPE donors who give at least $300 annually). Unicorns guide HYPE governance, grant making, and outreach. Through the democratic management of our fund and grant-making process, HYPE donors are getting first-hand experience with LGBTQ+ philanthropy while building lifelong friendships in the process.

Will you join by giving $10 this Give OUT Day?

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