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OutRight Action International


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Chechnya, Indonesia, Egypt, Tanzania, Azerbaijan... These are just some of the places with mass arrests of LGBTIQ people in the last 12 months.  The scale of these government crackdowns make the last year the worst year ever.

How can you take action to stop this downward spiral? Donate, rise up with us,  and get your friends to donate by creating your own fundraising page like this one -- Click Here!

As hate and cruelty emerge worldwide, your help will ensure OutRight can use its international platform to uplift the voices of those most affected. In the face of a growing flagrant and bold opposition, help us  rise up to protect those in harm's way and demand respect for human rights for LGBTIQ people.

The United States peels back protections for transgender students and workers, and Tanzania threatens the arrest and explusion of LGBTIQ rights activists. Egyptian authorities escalate against the LGBTIQ community, resulting in prison sentences, forced anal examinations, and a rise in hate speech across the region.

We rise up in this global tide of LGBTIQ crackdowns, putting pressure on international governments to prioritize human rights for people everywhere. With your help, we train officials and media, advocate at the United Nations, and support grassroot activitsts so they can speak on their own behalf on the world stage. OutRight is taking action to rise up against hate.

Join us as we rise up!

We've set a goal of $20,000 and any amount, big or small, will help as us rise up. 

Thanks to three generous donors every donation on Give OUT Day will be matched up to $20,000!

Our community continues to endure heartbreaking injustices. But each donation chips away at ignorance helping to remove obstacles every step of the way.

Consider How your Donation Advances LGBTIQ Rights:

  • - $50 enables security training to advocates in hostile environments like Guyana, Turkey, Guatemala, or Tunisia
  • - $200 arranges LGBTIQ sensitivity training to law-enforcement in places like the Philippines
  • - $400 ensures emergency assistance to refugees from Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the Gambia
  • - $1000 sends activists from the Middle East or Africa to LGBTIQ human rights documentation and advocacy training
  • - $1500 brings activists to the United Nations to testify against government abuses
  • - $3000 funds a scholarship for an Iranian LGBTIQ activist to advance LGBTIQ rights and community capacity resulting in work like the ground-breaking, queer graphic novel Yousef and Farhad

Without your support, we lack the groundswell of pressure necessary to stop the attacks against dignity, freedom and basic human rights.

Now is the time to Give OUT:


Help us fundraise by linking to OutRight's Give OUT Day platform -- every donation you collect will be matched too:

Share our social media content using the hashtags:

OutRight tirelessly works to empower LGBTIQ people on the front lines by holding leaders accountable. Through your support, we can make a meaningful impact as evidenced by the positive change of people’s lives.

Naina A donated $28.00
Margaret W donated $100.00
Naina A donated $28.00
Naina A donated $28.00
Naina A donated $28.00
Margaret W donated $100.00

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