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The IMsL Foundation is supporting the growth of the women's leather community by creating leadership opportunities on a global level by providing travel funds for International Ms Leather (IMsL) and International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) to travel to women's communities around the world to provide education and leadership development.  The IMsL Foundation provides grants to new and re-emerging global women's events (3 in 2016) and matching fundraisers for the IMsL/IMsBB charities of choice in their hometowns to honor their work during their title year. The reach of our education program is growing beyond the IMsL/IMsBB Weekend. Our liaisons to underrepresented communities (PoC, Under-35, Trans Women) have received grants to travel to other events and we are expanding our online presence through our webinar platform.  Preserving our history by digitizing documents and pictures has been a growing project.  We compiled the 30 years of IMsL in 2016 to celebrate this milestone and are preparing to honor the IMsBB 20th anniversary in 2018 through media and digitized resources.

The International Ms Leather (IMsL) Foundation was established in 2014 and is organized as a 501(c)3  to support the development of sex-positive communities, provide education on alternative sexuality and sexual freedom, and enable leaders to articulate the values, goals and visions of their diverse communities.
The organization provides forums for education and awareness that will empower our community and establishes a network for further leadership development. The Foundation is a California state nonprofit corporation that is an educational foundation that provides support to community leaders (including those selected through the International Ms Leather competition), provides quality education on a national and international level, and develops the capability to catalogue, gather and archive leather history.

Your donations can support our work to:
- Support a travel fund for the winners of the annual International Ms Leather (IMsL) and International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) contest during their title year to allow them to provide education, outreach and leadership around the world.
- Work in conjunction with the IMsL/IMsBB titleholders to create fundraising opportunities in their home communities and support grassroots charities in those local communities.
- Hire and retain an archivist who will work to support collection and digitization of our history and provide access to those who want to learn more about who we are as a community.
- Create quality educational programs through the use of grants and leadership development through the Foundation

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