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Left Coast Theatre Co.
(LCTC) iwas founded in 2012 to develop and produce original LGBTQ works by Bay Area and national playwrights. Our original model was to create anthologies of short (10-15 minute) comedic pieces - many of which were developed in our ongoing playwriting workshops.  We premiered our first collection, Family Programming in the fall of 2012.


From the beginning, we’ve been determined to tell stories about the LGBTQ community that are fresh - either because their storylines are new or because they delve into familiar territory in an original way. That goal served us well and led to our first nomination for Best Anthology at the Theatre Bay Area Awards in 2014 for Twisted Fairy Tales. The following year, we took home the prize for #WTFamily.


2015 was a big year for us. We premIered San Francisco, Here I Come!, seven plays written by our core group of playwrights and all taking place in one San Francisco apartment from a very noir 1949 to an absurd - and musical - 2018. It was the first time critics called our work “important.”


Not wanting to remain that little LGBTQ company that does the anthologies, we decided to branch out to previously produced plays.  In 2017 we mounted a very successful production of Dog Sees God, and The Laramie Project in 2018. We are most proud of Come Here Often?, the first full-length piece conceived, written and produced entirely within the company.  Come Here Often? views the LGBTQ experience from the night Harvey Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 to 2018 through the eyes of the patrons of a not-so-trendy Castro bar.


Not only was Come Here Often? a hit with our audiences, it allowed us to fulfill another goal: to create theater that helps younger LGBTQ people, their friends, our friends - anyone who doesn’t know our story - understand how we got here - without making them feel like they stumbled into a lecture by mistake.


2019 is a regrouping year for LCTC. We’ve grown so fast over the past couple of years, we wanted to pull back, add some members to our team and raise some money. But we're not taking the year off.  We published San Francisco, Here I Come! on Amazon and we'll be finishing the year with Paul Rudnick's The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, our most ambition production to date.

We've got some exciting projects in the works for 2020 and we're ready to blast off into the future. We’d love it if you’d be a part of the journey. We are the little LGBTQ company that can -  but we can do it even better with your contributions. For your convenience, we've put a "Make a Dation" box just to the right of this one. Please feel free to take advantage of it.  


Thank you!

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