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Can you imagine how different our community would be without an LGBTQ Connection?

Maybe what matters to you is the crisis support we provide to youth & their families. Maybe what matters to you is that we work our magic in Spanish and in English to be more inclusive. Maybe it's our fun, all-ages events that bring such diverse community members together--the dances, the drag shows, the beers/cheers for queers LGBTQ happy hours, the gay trivia nights, the dozens of Pride month events, the phone calls we answer for an isolated person looking for connection and understanding. Maybe it's our youth or seniors gatherings that create new, special spaces for community each month. Maybe it's our outreach, our schools support, our free LGBTQ-friendly counseling with appointments the same week they are asked for. Maybe it's that we show up when we are needed. But can you imagine if we didn't exist?

Whatever it is, if LGBTQ Connection matters to you, let's join together to support them back. Without your contribution, LGBTQ Connection just wouldn't be the same--or worse, without the community's support, we wouldn't exist.

Make your pledge now to say that LGBTQ Connection matters to you.

Founded in 2010-11, LGBTQ Connection is the first community-based initiative developing a healthier, more diverse and inclusive community driven by emerging LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning) leaders in Napa and Sonoma counties.
What started as a support group for LGBTQ youth in Napa in early spring 2010, has grown into a model program for rural communities throughout the State of California and beyond, serving thousands of people of all ages and growing LGBTQ youth leadership across the region. As both a hub of LGBTQ information and a thriving center of the community, LGBTQ Connection increases awareness, visibility and well being across generations and communities.

Find more information and their full calendar of events at


¿Le importa a usted que prospere LGBTQ Connection en nuestra comunidad?
Give OUT Day, el día nacional de apoyar a causas LGBTQ, se llevará a cabo el jueves, 18 de abril, y no lo podemos lograr sin usted. El año pasado, más de 250 de ustedes, nuestros partidarios, se unieron para recaudar más de $20,000 para nosotros, y ganamos el premio de 1er lugar en el Área de la Bahía. Este dinero usamos para crecer nuestro programa y para seguir apoyando a las personas que más necesitan nuestra ayuda.
Estamos muy orgullosxs de los éxitos que nos han ayudado a lograr a lo largo de los años y orgullosxs de las conecciones que hemos formado con jóvenes, adultos mayores, familias y personas LGBTQ de todas las edades, ¡en inglés y en español!
Participar en Give Out Day solo toma un par de minutos de su tiempo y unos pocos dólares, y nos ayudará a ganar miles en premios OTRA VEZ este año si recibimos el mayor número de donaciones antes del 9p del jueves 18.
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