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Out In The Bay is a weekly interview show about LGBT history, people, and culture. It airs 7pm Thursdays on S.F. Bay Area NPR station KALW (91.7fm), with free podcasts, recent shows and favorites at
   We interview artists, celebrities, historians, authors, activists, scholars, and everyday people with stories to tell about the reality of our lives. We ask questions from an LGBT perspective, and this makes our content relevant and fresh. Our guests, who might not be heard on other outlets, get an in-depth approach from us.
    Since 2004, we've served a growing audience that depends on us to stay in touch with our issues, people, history, and culture. Out in the Bay is also a vital community service that helps a wide range of other LGBT organizations by publiczing their services and their important work.

Out in the Bay changes lives:
   Our mission is to advance civil rights by sharing LGBT stories with the world, opening hearts and minds and replacing ignorance with knowledge.
   When we interviewed the founder of an organization that helps queer people flee countries in which they’re persecuted, and he described the horrific torture some have endured, one of our listeners was so moved that he and his partner sponsored two gay refugees from Iran and Kazakhstan.
   He wrote to us: “We were thrilled that the young Iranian was finally resettled in Australia. ... We’ve been able to talk with and see him, via Skype, which is pretty cool. He seems like a nice guy. I thought you might like to know what’s resulted from your interview.”
   During a call-in show about marriage equality a few years ago, a listener called and said he didn’t know same-sex couples couldn’t legally wed in California! This was before Proposition 8 was thrown out, but still - even in the San Francisco Bay Area - we have been helping the wider public get to know us and understand the realities of LGBT life for over a decade.

Make a donation and spread the word to help us keep changing lives!
BOOK SPECIAL: The ten highest dollar amount donors* by 9pm PDT Thursday 5/21 get a copy of Double Play: The Hidden Passions Behind the Double Assassination of George Moscone & Harvey Milk with companion DVD, thanks to the generosity of publisher Vince Emery. It's a gripping account of why Dan White murdered Supervisor Milk and Mayor Moscone and a riveting look at the modern history of San Francisco politics.

Author Mike Weiss is among the most fascinating guests we've ever had on Out in the Bay, and his book is a great read! (Hear the interview and learn more about the book at:

(*in case of dollar amount ties, book will go to earlier donor. Retail price of book + DVD is $40. Please donate more than that for the package.)
Please give now to help keep today's LGBTQ voices on the air and preserve our history. Any amount helps.

Listen: We're heard every Thursday at 7pm on NPR-affilate KALW, at + 91.7 FM San Francisco.
And we're available whenever you are! Hear archives, podcasts, recent shows, past favorites (including Ang Lee, Phyllis Lyon & the late Del Martin, Lesley Gore, Matthew Shepard's mom Judy Shepard, Liberace, John Waters and Charo!) and more - and get more info - at

Thank you for your support!

-- Eric Jansen & Marilyn Pittman, producers/hosts

Contact us at:

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