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Total Raised for
Give OUT Day 2017:



The Montrose Center

$250.00 contributions
5 donors

Raised: $250Remaining: $4750

Awesome things are happening at
the Montrose Center!

We empower LGBTQ Houston!

To us, that means providing safe, affirming spaces & services where EVERYone is welcome and celebrated.

Whether we are leading the city-wide collaborative to stop LGBTQ youth homelessness, setting up in emergency shelter a survivor of domestic abuse, or building community among seniors, no one does more for LGBTQ Houston.

What does empowering LGBTQ Houston look like?
•  40,000+ people attend meetings & events in community center
•  20,000 educated on LGBT sensitivity, HIV, & health issues
•  2,775 supported in HIV/AIDS case management
•  1,600 receive professional counseling services
•  650 youth provided support & mentoring
•  175 seniors given free lunches, support, & advocacy
•  The list goes on and on…

All in all, we serve over 100,000 people each year.

Set up your gift today! 

Thank you for supporting LGBTQ Houston with your gift to the Montrose Center!


Jackson H donated $40.00
Sheena K donated $10.00
James T donated $100.00
Roger E donated $50.00
Trenton P donated $50.00

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