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ElderSource values all people ----- including but not limited to all nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities, races, genders, religious perspectives, sexual orientations, and gender identities. 

As an initiative to be inclusive, one of our focus areas is creating support and awareness for the LGBT elder community. Many LGBT elders aren't accessing needed resources as they age, because of fear and abuse. They fear who they are could compromise the services they recieve.

“The challenges of our aging population, in and of itself, could be daunting,” said Linda Levin, CEO of ElderSource. “Then toss in the added fear and unknown of how you might be treated because you are gay or lesbian, only increases the chance that these people will not get the care they need, or worse yet, isolate themselves completely from society.”

ElderSource works with our sister company, ElderSource Instiute to help provide businesses and the community with tools they need to be more LGBT elder friendly. 

These tools include:

LGBT Elder Friendly Business Certification: Ensure your business practices and services are inclusive for aging LGBT adults.  

Watch this video to learn more!

LGBT Elder Cultural Compentency Training: A 90 minute training specifically designed with a focus on LGBT elders and helping service providers to understand their needs and how to be sensitive in the delivery of services.

Click here to register for this training

LGBT Elder Cultural Compentency Train the Trainer: A tool for companies to spread the word about support and resources for the LGBT elder community to both their employees and other organizations. Click here for more information 

For more information on any of these programs click here

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