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North Shore Pride, Inc.

$570.00 contributions
16 donors

Raised: $570Remaining: $4430


North Shore Pride, Inc. was established in response to multiple anti-gay verbal and physical assaults on the North Shore. The mission of North Shore Pride is to promote the general welfare and unity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community within the North Shore and to advocated for the acceptance of the members of the LGBTQ community by the broader North Shore community. The organization engages in activities designed to promote greater understanding of LGBTQ issues by engaging in fundraising activities and partnering with allied individuals and organizations.


North Shore Pride accomplishes its' mission of advocacy and education through events that promote awareness, inclusion and equality for all LGBTQ persons. Some of those events include: Our annual LGBTQ Professional Networking Night designed to initiate and cultivate partnerships and collaboration between businesses and members of the LGBTQ community; Lunch and Learn panel discussion that provides education towards making your towns or cities on the North Shore more welcoming for the LGBTQ community; Our annual Inter-Faith service that provides an opportunity for all faiths to come together in celebration of our shared dedication of acceptance and inclusion for all; Sponsorship of LGBTQ films and theatre in our community as a vehicle for education and awareness; Presentations at the Department of Labor on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in the workplace; and Our annual North Shore Pride Parade and Festival provides an opportunity for all citizens of the North Shore to come together through a day long event of education and celebration.
All members of our organization are volunteers and 100% of your donation goes towards our mission of education and advocacy. Thank you so much for your donation!  
Courtney H donated $10.00
Kathryn L donated $25.00
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Evelyn O donated $10.00
Emily B donated $25.00
by Anonymous donated $25.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


So very proud of you, always.


Proud of you Katie Burke!


So happy to support this cause


I am honored to serve and give for this amazing organization to ensure that we continue to move equality and community forward.