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Pizza Klatch

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Pizza Klatch works to improve the livelihood and resiliency of one of the most marginalized populations in the U.S.: LGBTQ+ youth. LGBTQ+ youth are 4x as likely to attempt suicide (the rates are even higher for transgender youth, and even higher still for transgender youth of color) and are bullied at rates significantly higher than their "straight" peers. A disproportionate 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ+. Many are kicked out of their home and living with no adult role models or support systems. 

Pizza Klatch is offering groundbreaking programming not seen anywhere else in the USA (...YET! We are raising money so we can grow!). We provide free, facilitated support groups during school once a week for LGBTQ+ teens and allies. In this safe and confidential space, youth can discuss gender, sexuality, identity, bullying, social justice, healthy relationships, and more. Here, youth participants can access critical resources for their safety and survival. Pizza Klatch builds stronger, more confident, more resilient LGBTQ+ youth and allies through this supportive community that provides lifelong friends, education and ensures access to much needed services.  

Please consider a donation to help keep this important program in our 11 current schools and help us expand into new school districts, cities, and regions.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT for Pizza Klatch! Every Dollar Counts!

Find us on Facebook.  

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