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Plan-B Theatre Company

$1,390.00 contributions
19 donors

Raised: $1390Remaining: $1110

We are not the only Utah theatre company producing LGBTQ work; we are the only one committed to producing at least one LGBTQ work each season. We have been honored with Organization of the Year Awards from Equality Utah, Human Rights Campaign and Transgender Education Advocates of Utah (twice). We were honored this season to meet with a contingent of LGBTQ artists from Bangladesh through the State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program to discuss our success in creating LGBTQ work. 

Since 2010, we have partnered with the LGBTQ-Affirmative Psychotherapists Guild of Utah, which offers continuing education units (CEUs) to its members for attending specific Plan-B productions and participating in a post-show discussion. We provide Guild members non-clinical perspectives for use in their practices and have expanded the program to include non-LGBTQ-specific productions.

We have been named 'Best Theatre Company' by QSaltLake 11 of the past 13 years.
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