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Pride Foundation

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Pride Foundation is the largest community foundation in the Northwest focused on LGBTQ equality. We work across five states—building organizations, supporting students, and connecting leaders. We do this through grants, scholarships, and other timely initiatives.

We are stronger, better, and more effective together—a reality proven by our 30 years of success.

We build local capacity to advance LGBTQ equality. By directing resources to local organizations, students, and leaders, Pride Foundation is able to support the varying and diverse needs of our community across the region.

Our vision for the next 30 years is that all LGBTQ people and families across the Northwest are able to live openly and safely in their home communities, and are treated with dignity and respect.

While we have seen incredible progress in recent years, we also know significant barriers remain for many LGBTQ youth, people of color, transgender people, elders, and those living in rural areas.

Pride Foundation will continue to invest our resources to support the breadth of critical and timely issues impacting LGBTQ people, including:
     -Workplace Equality
     -Safe Schools
     -Healthcare Access
     -HIV & AIDS Support and Prevention
     -Food and Housing Security

Our work moving forward will continue to be changing hearts and minds so that our policy victories translate into real, lived equality for LGBTQ people.
Fr Bob S donated $15.00
Fr Bob S donated $15.00
Fr Bob S donated $15.00
Fr Bob S donated $15.00
Fr Bob S donated $15.00
Fr Bob S donated $15.00

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