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Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project - QWOCMAP

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Your $10 gift to QWOCMAP will be DOUBLED on GiveOUT Day!
Find your Beloved Community squad and unleash your super powers with QWOCMAP.
We use film to shatter bias and smash inequality!

For 17 years, QWOCMAP has focused on changing
who sits behind the lens making films.

We offer free, professional filmmaker training to queer women of color (cisgender and transgender), and gender variant and transgender people of color (of any orientation). We are creating a pipeline of skilled filmmakers that center stories and address multiple issues of marginalized communities. We use film to build community around art and social justice.
QWOCMAP is the only film/media arts organization that in the U.S. that specifically serves our community and the first of four such organizations in the world.
Your gift to QWOCMAP on Thursday, April 20 will launch the hiring of a new full-time Program Manager to direct QWOCMAP’s art and action programs. This position will coordinate our award-winning free Film & Freedom Academy and Filmmaker Training Program, and our annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival and film Distribution Program. QWOCMAP has prioritized vulnerable populations that this new position will help to serve:
• Two Spirits in Indian Country
• LBTQ Muslims of Color
• LBTQ women of color challenging violence
• Disabled LBTQ people of color
 formerly incarcerated LBTQ people of color

In times of fear, artists create impact by defining and leading movements for change.
As long-time QWOCMAP supporter and playwright, author, and poet Jewelle Gomez said about a media-saturated society, “learning how to make a film about immigrant rights is just as important as learning how to organize a protest march.”

When you donate $10 to QWOCMAP on Give OUT Day, you are making it possible to:
1) Equip our community with concrete technical knowledge and practical artistic tools to create new films. In the process, we build leadership and nurture much-needed career skills in under-resourced communities across the U.S.

In the past 17 years, we’ve trained over 400 filmmakers through 55 free workshops that nurture new filmmakers in local communities.

2) Create vivid and evocative videos that reveal the lived truth of inequality and challenge bias and discrimination.

Since 2000, over 420 films have been created by queer women of color, and gender variant and transgender people of color through our Filmmaker Training Program, making QWOCMAP the industry leader for films created by our community.

3) Foster a sense of welcome, safety, and inclusion by offering free programs and events that provide multiple kinds of disability access, free childcare, crisis counselors, and food and drinks.

Since 2003, more than 12,000 people have attended our free Queer Women of Color Film Festival, which is the largest event of its kind in the world.

4) Educate the public - including teachers and elected officials - about the needs, dreams, and experiences of those in our community through the power of film and public discussions. 

Each year, our film Distribution Program serves 5,000+ people around the world through film festivals, educational institutions, arts organizations, grassroots community groups, and churches, synagogues, and mosques.

Thanks to a pool of generous challenge gifts from loyal QWOCMAP donors, including Pam Bates & Judy Helfand, Nobu Ito Properties, Dr, Cathy Pyun and an anonymous member of our Producers Circle, donations to QWOCMAP will be doubled on GiveOUT Day. But for your gift to count, you must schedule it to be processed on Thursday, April 20 by clicking the orange donate button on the right.

Thank you for supporting Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project - QWOCMAP. 
Please join our challenge donors by giving whatever you can. Every gift is important to us no matter the size – our biggest goal is the number of people who give rather than the total amount raised. 

Thank you so much!

[Videos were created by Bowdoin Alternative Spring Break students inspired by QWOCMAP.]

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