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Are you concerned that puritan thought is increasingly dominating the dialogue on issues related to sex and gender, related communities, and their intersections with art and culture? Make a difference by donating to the Center for Sex & Culture, a non-profit dedicated to exploring and preserving knowledge and materials about sex and gender.
The Center for Sex & Culture is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that believes sex is an essential part of human life, learning, and culture. We are an all-volunteer community with an influence that goes far beyond the Bay Area. Please help, and help again by passing it on--we are so grateful to you!

CSC's physical space has closed and its archives moved to safer locations for preservation and study. But we still have work to do! We will shift our focus much more strongly to the web this year; we're seeking funds in part to re-do our website (which was on the Tumblr platform--uh-oh!). Online content will include conversations, oral histories, publishing, and much more. We'll organize live events, too, from time to time. (Let us know if you want to collaborate with us!)

More about us: CSC was co-founded by sexologists Carol Queen & Robert Morgan Lawrence. We've been around since 2000 and ran our community space from 2004-2019. Via our library, archive, gallery, and performance & classroom space we've preserved information and artifacts; promoted learning; and provided resources related to sex, sexuality and gender, the histories and cultural significance of these, and the intersection of sex and the arts. Online or brinck & mortar, this is our core work because a better understanding of all of those integral human elements can only result in a better understanding of ourselves, as well as a higher quality of life for all. This is especially true now, when a spectrum of sex-and-gernder-related issues are becoming increasingly fraught.

We fiscally sponsor smaller organizations and projects so that they are able to add their own value to the communities we serve and the knowledge base we seek to protect. (These sponsorships include Scarleteen, so we can make a difference to youth even though our space is adults-only.) We have been especially happy to sponsor writing classes and other workshops that support new sexual culture-making. We believe there are more stories to be told about sexuality and gender and that these are all important. CSC takes seriouly all kinds of voices, from academic to pop-culture materials, because all of it helps us understand the issues and trends that make up our changing sexual history. Please be part of that history by supporting us!

The way we were: CSC hosted innumerable events showcasing culturally significant materials and ideas about sex and gender. Pictured here: Opening show for Safe Sex Bang, the Buzz Bense collection of HIV/AIDS & safer sex posters. [Shown (l-r): Gallery Director Dorian Katz; Safe Sex Bang catalog editor Alex Fialho; CSC co-founder and director Carol Queen PhD; Director of Collections Marlene Hoeber; collection donor Buzz Bense.]
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