San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band Inc.


The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom band has provided a welcoming musical and social home for dozens of musicians, both professional and amateur, from all across the country. Allowing all individual musicians the opportunity to re-discover and share with the world their love of music and their pride in lgbtq+ visibility through public performance. The Band has consistently received outstanding reviews, serving as a symbol of pride at events all over the Bay Area.

Our history dates back to 1978 when the first openly lesbian and gay marching band turned onto Market Street during the 1978 Pride Parade. Founded in 1978 by Jon Reed Sims, the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band (SFLGFB) was an immediate advance and success for the LGBTQ+ community. The band quickly became an important part of San Franciso’s musical life, performing at Davie’s Symphony Hall, Headlining at Bread & Roses with Robin Williams, opening for gay pop icon star Sylvester, performing for Francis Ford Coppola’s birthday bash and just recently performing at the historic Palace of Fine Arts alongside The San Francisco Gay Men’s chorus.


Today the band has a vibrant and diverse Board of Directors who contribute their time and energy to the assist The Band in remaining active within the LGBTQ+ community. We include three distinct programs in our scope of work. A Community Concert Program, the large concert ensemble, who perform quarterly plus produce and perform in The Dance-Along Nutcracker, attracting over 1,200 people each year. This is our signature production. The Pep Program, who performs in and out of San Francisco at varied events and pride functions and enduringly, The Marching Band, who in addition to the Pride Parade, also participate for Chinese New Year, Veteran’s Day, Italian Heritage events, 4th of July events and other nearby pride parades in neighboring counties.


For many LGBTQ+ people who have faced discrimination and the isolation it brings, musical expression has allowed us to provide an outlet that is both healing and connecting across cultures and communities.


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