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Center for Research & Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS) - San Francisco State University

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The Center for Research & Education on Gender and Sexuality (CREGS) is a community of gender and sexuality studies researchers, educators, and activists committed to understanding and addressing the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality in the pursuit of social justice. It exists to contribute significantly to that discourse with evidence-based knowledge and resources. The Center performs cutting-edge research in HIV prevention, adolescent/teen sexuality, reproductive health, and works with several community partners to study and disseminate information about sex. Prior to 2012, CREGS was known as two different centers—the National Sexuality Research Center and the Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality. CREGS continues to uphold the legacies of those institutions. 


CREGS is working hard to change the way America thinks about gender and healthy sexuality. Here are some of the projects we’re focusing on now.

Summer Institute on Sexuality
Every summer CREGS gathers leading voices on sexuality issues to prepare advocates, students and researchers to embed the concepts of sexual literacy and lifelong sexual well-being into the work they do. Attendees receive college credit, and explore historical and current issues surrounding sexuality through activities, lectures and seminars.

Research Projects
Researchers at CREGS conduct projects examining a wide range of subjects including sexual health, gender equality, health disparities and HIV prevention. The impact of CREGS’s work is far reaching. Our researchers consistently garner professional recognition and our work has contributed significantly to the national and international sexual research agenda.

Gender and Sexuality Seminar Series
Each semester CREGS hosts several seminar lectures with speakers from various fields, with a goal of bringing students, faculty, researchers, and the public together to share knowledge.

Training and Events
Throughout the year CREGS hosts various expert-led training, maintains an SFSU student internship program, and partners with other organizations to offer special events.

SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau
CREGS has recently partnered with the SF LGBTQ Speakers Bureau. In addition to the several staff who volunteer with the bureau, CREGS has a student internship dedicated to assisting with program planning, evaluation and social media.


What will your support of CREGS do?

  • Support scholarships that increase student access to our unique Summer Institute.
  • Train health care providers, students & teachers through CREGS’s mobile workshops and training.
  • Bring diverse communities together to dialogue about sexuality.
  • Help CREGS expand its reach and bring the message of healthy sexuality to the world.
  • Fund social science research that provides data for sexual health policy makers.
  • Connect research to community interventions.


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