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Somos Familia

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"Through Somos Familia we learned how critical it is to accept, support, and celebrate our LGBTQ children and we have now become leaders in our own school/community and are helping other LGBTQ youth and their parents."

- Somos Familia Mother


We know too well the devastating consequences that result from a lack of family acceptance and self-acceptance. While we are still reeling from horrific tragedy in Orlando, today LGBTQ youth who are strongly rejected by their families are eight times more likely to attempt suicide, six times more likely to exhibit signs of depression, and three times more likely to use drugs than LGBTQ youth that are accepted by their families.

Somos Familia is dedicated to building a safe society for everyone by working one family, one community, at a time, and we are asking for your help in continuing this critical work.

We are a primarily volunteer-run, intergenerational, bilingual, community-based organization working to build a climate of acceptance for Latina/o/x LGBTQ youth in our schools, families and communities. Somos Familia takes a family-centered approach, working with parents as leaders to dismantle the culture of oppression that leads to homophobia, transphobia, and violence in our communities.

"Somos Familia has helped me accept my children by seeing other families going through the same thing. We are not the only ones."

- Somos Familia Father

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