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Campaign for Southern Equality

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LGBTQ Southerners are strong, courageous and resilient. But we also lack basic legal protections, face robust opposition to our rights and have limited resources for advocacy. LGBTQ people in our region are also at an elevated risk of poverty. Beyond this, the South receives less than eight percent of the total annual funding that goes to LGBT organizations nationally – and almost all of that goes to large metro areas.

Your support today will have an immediate impact: 

  • Challenge Mississippi's HB 1523, an extreme anti-LGBTQ law in federal court. Led by attorney Roberta Kaplan, our legal team scored a major victory in district court where HB 1523 was struck down. The case is now uder appeal at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Fight North Carolina’s SB2 in federal courtSB2 is a law allowing magistrate judges to refuse to perform marriages for same-sex couples. Our legal team will argue this case before the 4th Circuit on May 10th.
  • Support free "Protect Yourself Clinics" across the SouthLed by and for transgender folks, the clinics feature a self defense class, training in using pepper spray and safety apps, and HIV testing and counseling. Between now and June we'll run 12 "Protect Yourself" clinics across the South.
  • Our Southern Equality Fund is a grantmaking initiative deisgned to direct reosurces to Southern LGBTQ grassroots groups and leaders that are isolated or under-resourced due to geography or demographics.

(Southern Equality Fund Advisory Council)

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