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Sylvia Rivera Law Project is a non-profit collective by and for trans, gender non-conforming and intersex people that provides essential free legal services and engages in movement organizing to push for policy changes. 
Every day, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project is flooded with calls and letters from trans and gender non-conforming people who could not find representation or assistance in severe and dangerous circumstances. While we are able to assist many of our clients, we routinely have 50-100 clients on our waiting lists due to overwhelming demand.
This is why we need your support - legal expenses are costly, especially for those who are currently incarcerated. 
If every one of our supporters donate just $15 on Give OUT Day, we would be able to cover our legal expenses for a year!

SRLP's Movement Building Team members calling for the end of the use of solitary confinement for trans people in prison at a Board of Corrections meeting. 


Marsha P. Johnson (left, with cooler) and Sylvia Rivera (right, with banner) marching for justice.

The progress we have achieved thus far would not have been possible without our community's support over the years. At SRLP, our work is greatly dependent on grassroots donors in order to achieve greater accountability to our community.

Since our work is very much depended on donors like you, please support our work by donating to SRLP on Give OUT Day! 

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