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Our Space: where it is safe to be yourself

$815.00 contributions
15 donors

Raised: $815Remaining: $4185

Our Space, a program of BAYC/Sunny Hills Services, is a vibrant safe space for LGBTQ youth ages 11-23 in Alameda County. We recognize these youth as fierce and fabulous change-agents in our community. 

At the heart of everything we do at Our Space (and hanging in glitter on our wall), we ask this question:

"How do you show fierce love to yourself and your community?"

We ask this question because in a world where queer and trans youth are stigmatized and marginalized on the daily, we think it takes a lot of ferocity to stand up against that hate and choose to love ourselves AND our community unconditionally and for all that we are.

All Our Space services are infused with this concept of fierce love and include:

Free therapy and case management services with LGBTQ providers 

- Weekly LGBTQ community center programming that inlcudes:
o    LGBTQ youth peer support groups 
o    Healthy relationships and sexuality groups
o    Performance, healing and community building activities
o    A monthly, LGBTQ intergenerational community potluck

- Specialized support services for LGBTQ youth in foster care

Annual East Bay Youth Pride celebration, organized by LGBTQ youth for LGBTQ  youth

- Referrals and linkages to critical support services (i.e. housing, medical, legal, etc.)

Our Space serves over 300 queer and trans youth each yearMany of the young people we work with are living in poverty and have been impacted by homelessness, the child welfare or juvenile justice systems. Approximately 75% of Our Space members are youth of color. 

All of the money raised for Our Space has a direct impact on the lives of queer and trans youth. We invite you to show fierce love for LGBTQ youth in your community by donating to Our Space today.

Updates and Donors' Comments


So much fierce love Our Space! Thank you for being fabulous, for building safe space for our young people, and for centering the power and e


Happy to support this program that is doing great work and running excellent events like "This is What Queer Love Looks Like"


Former employee of Sunny Hills Services... but always rooting for Our Space!